Le Maioliche Venezia Hydrating Body Cream 450 ml
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Le Maioliche Venezia Hydrating Body Cream 450 ml

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Maioliche (Majolica) art products inspired by the beauty and heritage of Italian artisan traditions. 

A sweet lemon, raspberry and amber fragrance body cream, with a moisturizing formula that does not grease, preciously scented with elegant and iconic notes. Its non-oily formula allows you to spread it quickly after bathing or showering and dressing up quickly, your skin will be hydrated, radiant, and intensely scented with the enveloping notes of Sweet Lemon, Jasmine and Amber.

Method of use:
After bathing or showering, use the right amount of product and spread the product all over the body massaging gently until it is absorbed.

Olfactory Note:
Floral: Jasmine, Magnolia, Sweet Mandarin