My Personal Therapist: The Dream Series ... Archetypes
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My Personal Therapist: The Dream Series ... Archetypes

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An archetype is a pattern of meaning deep within the psyche that manifests in some way in the life of the individual. For example, the "victim" role is one most folks have experience with whether it be in ourselves, others, or in the greater culture, perhaps in a work of art. Although archetypes are, indeed, endless, C. G. Jung identified several common ones that typically reveal themselves in the dream life.

This first installment in The Dreams Series gives a broad overview of archetypes, with nine subsequent classes devoted to each of the predominant archetypes: the shadow, the anima, the animus, the wise old man/woman, the self, the hero, the great mother, the trickster, and the child.

What will you learn in this course?

  • What the heck is an archetype and why should you care?
  • Archetypal awareness and the ability to developing a conscious relationship with these powerful psychological forces are key to living out their gifts instead of being undermined by them.

1 video. 30 min.