My Personal Therapist: The Dream Series ... The Trickster
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My Personal Therapist: The Dream Series ... The Trickster

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The Trickster archetype turns life on its head and forces us to consider a new perspective. This is the archetype that relates to disruption and chaos. The Dream Series explores nine common Jungian archetypes that often appear not only in our dream life but in our external circumstances as well. Building on material covered in the first nine courses, this class is devoted solely to The Trickster, in both its conscious and unconscious expressions in our lives. We explore how to work constructively with chaos so that it serves us creatively.    

This installment in The Dream Series reveals examples of The Trickster in art and culture. Additionally, the lesson concludes with a guided meditation/active imagination so that you might come into more meaningful dialogue with your wily, cunning self.

1 video. 41 min.