Splendor of Florence Ultra-Moisturizing 3-Bar Soap Gift Set
Splendor of Florence Ultra-Moisturizing 3-Bar Soap Gift Set
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Splendor of Florence Ultra-Moisturizing 3-Bar Soap Gift Set

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Splendor of Florence Bar Soap Gift Set contains 3 ultra-moisturizing artisan-made bar soaps with the natural moisturizing ingredients of olive, coconut and apricot kernel oils. It replenishes the skin with intensive moisturization with the unmistakable "Passeggiata" fragrance, a perfect blend of Renaissance flowers, fruits and spices from the finest essential oils. 

Each bar of soap is wrapped in beautiful Florentine paper in a different color and design inspired by the tiles and mosaics in the churches and palaces in Renaissance Florence. The artisan-made box makes it a perfect gift - for women or men, for a special occasion or simply as a treat for yourself. Each bar is 150 grams/5.29 ounces. 

About the Splendor of Florence and the founder : Splendor of Florence was founded in the year 2000 by Joyce Acciaioli Rudge. Her Italian heritage-- the Acciaiolis were a powerful banking family dating back to the 13th Century --and her deep rooted links to fashion, music, and art served as inspiration to launch a series of city-wide exhibitions showcasing Florentine artists and artisans in world class locations. 

In creating the Splendor of Florence line it was important for me to work with the most talented artisans I could find in Florence, starting with the development of the evocative fragrance, the contemporary Renaissance design and packaging, and the splendid products themselves. 

The scent is called “Passeggiata” (English=Taking a Walk) because it is like taking a walk or stroll through the magical gardens of Florence and savoring the perfume of orange blossoms, citrus trees, roses, and wood from centuries-old cypresses.

“The joy of creating with ones hands is slowly disappearing from our midst.
With Splendor of Florence it is our hope to encourage people to discover the importance of continuity and tradition as they move toward the future. It has always been our objective with the festivals and now with our product line to demonstrate that modern technology need not be a substitute for handcrafting."    Joyce Acciaioli Rudge