Welcome. I'm Lori Green. Thanks for stopping by The Curated Apothecary.

The inspiration for this shop is as much of a surprise to me as anyone. With a background in teaching and depth psychology, I have long been transfixed by the archetypal realm, how we humans live our collective stories, and the deep meaning found when consciously engaging archetypal patterns. Indeed, I've created several online courses that explore these themes. (See below.)

And yet, I've always sensed my voice would best serve in "living the archetypes" in light-hearted, relatable, every-day ways; thus, the inspiration for my podcast, which is a platform for storytelling, exploring archetypes, and aligning with seasonal rhythms.

But in 2021, I felt a need to unplug from the chaos. In doing so, I gave myself three gifts: flow, curiosity, and play. In all that I do now, I ask myself if I'm pushing against the stream, or if I'm in harmony with life's wiser current. When faced with challenges, I seek to flex the muscles of emotional maturity and view discomfort and fear in the spirit of curiosity. And I'm embracing more fun and playfulness in my life. The Curated Apothecary resulted from a happy and rather insistent muse that seized hold of me, prompting me to live flow, curiosity, and play in an entirely new way.

Please join me. The seasonal collections, podcast, and newsletter are all to assist you in creating rituals that celebrate your connection to your authentic self.  If you would like to take a deeper dive into specific archetypes, check out the courses below.  

I hope you find something at The Curated Apothecary that you've been looking for.  

Blessings on the journey,